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Open positions

We have open calls all year long, we are always looking for new people to join our team!

Below you can find the current open positions at the Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona. You can read each document to check if it fits your profile and contact the responsible person to show your interest.

We are always looking for new students, new PhDs, postdoctoral people or technicall staff to join our team of almost 200 people. If you want to contact us, you can do so by writing to Human Resources:

Predoctoral researchers at IMB-CNM

TFG / TFM (Bachelor and Master' students)

TFM | Automatic Dataset Generator for AI training in Integrated Circuit Architecture Extraction TFG/TFM | Autonomous Internet of Things TFG / TFM | Development of neural network algorithms for water quality monitoring TFG / TFM | Edge AI electronic tasting with chemical microsensors TFG/TFM | Silicon nitride design and modelling of photonic integrated circuits for optical communication applications TFG / TFM | Sustainable and intelligent paper-based sensors TFG | Experimental characterization of a smart ISFET CMOS chip TFG | Fabrication assembly and characterization of micro-thermoelectric generators TFM | Design and fabrication of semiconductor spin qubits for quantum computing TFM | Development of metal decorations by using thermal dewetting processes. Characterization and integration in TE applications TFM | Heat exchanger packaging strategies for micro-thermoelectric generators assembly and characterization TFM | High-Resolution Audio A/D Data Converter IP Block in 22-nm CMOS Technology for RISC-V Systems-on-Chip TFM | Implantable Lock-In Imager in 180-nm CMOS Technology for the Continuous Monitoring of Perivascular Adipose Tissue TFM | Implementation of ion-sensitive membranes on graphene FETs TFM | Low-Noise Multi-Channel Read-Out Integrated Circuit for Differential Mobility Analyzers TFM | Low-Power Neuromorphic Processor Design for Smart Lab-on-CMOS Devices TFM | Low-power readout circuits for smart microelectronic noses TFM | Micro/nano cells for 'in situ' measurements in synchrotron experiments TFM | Micro-thermoelectric generators based on block copolymer nanostructured thin-films, fabrication and characterization TFM | Open-source design methodology for AMS integrated circuits TFM | Optomechanical sensors with mechanochromic response for biosensing TFM | Read-out integrated circuit for high speed infrared imagers