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Invited IMB-CNM Talk: Microwave acoustic resonators and filters through plate waves on LNOI


17 Mar 2023
Sala d'Actes Pepe Millán, IMB-CNM / Online

By Eloi Guerrero.


Mechanical waves propagating in piezoelectric materials are the core phenomena enabling 5G mobile devices: today, more than 70 RF filters made of SAW or BAW resonators are equipped in any modern smartphone. This talk covers the design and manufacture of resonators and filters at 1.5 GHz, exploiting plate wave modes in thin films of lithium niobate bonded to an insulating layer (LNOI) through SmartCut layer transfer techniques. The presented resonators, manufactured at the IMB-CNM facilities, demonstrate a very high electromechanical coupling coefficient and allow to design wideband filters meeting the requirements of current wireless communication standards. Apart from radiofrequency spectrum control devides for 5G and 6G, this LNOI platform offers a wide range of applications in photonic circuits, optical modulators, power electronics and biosensors, among others.  

About Eloi Guerrero

Eloi Guerrero was born in Terrassa, Spain, in 1996 and since 2020 is pursuing his Ph.D. at the Antenna and Microwave Systems (AMS) group at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona under the supervision of Prof. Pedro de Paco. His main research interests are microwave filter synthesis techniques, the synthesis, design and fabrication of microwave acoustic filters, and radar systems and devices. As of 2023 he is a Sr. Development Engineer in the BAW R&D group at Qorvo Inc.


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