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Invited IMB-CNM Talk: EUV Pellicle Development at ASML


01 Dec 2022

Speaker: Inci Donmez Noyan

Inci is a Materials Scientist and obtained her PhD from IMB-CNM in 2018. During her PhD (2014-2018), she worked on Si-based thermoelectric microgenerators under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Luis Fonseca. After her PhD, she started working as a researcher at ASML Research department in EUV Pellicle Project. Since the beginning of this year, she works as a lithography system performance engineer in Optics Lifetime group at ASML Development& Engineering department, with a main task of predicting/optimizing the performance of the mirrors in EUV lithography machines.

In this talk, Inci will introduce ASML and the development of EUV pellicles for ASML’s EUV lithography machines. Pellicles are very thin, transparent membranes that covers the reticle (mask) used in chipmaking as a way of reducing pattern defectivity. These membranes need to sustain their performance during the machine operation therefore a robust design is required in terms of high thermal/chemical/mechanical resistance and optimum optical properties.