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IMB-CNM Talks: Sensors and systems based on microelectronic technologies for cell culture monitoring


10 May 2024
Sala d'Actes Pepe Millán, IMB-CNM / Online

By Alexandre Moreno (predoctoral researcher at the Chemical Transducers Group).

About the talk

This thesis aims to improve cell culture monitoring by introducing simple, inexpensive, and automated technologies: electrochemical and optical sensors and MultiElectrode Arrays (MEAs). Within the electrochemical sensors, amperometric biosensors and Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistors (ISFETs) are developed for measuring glucose, lactate, chloride and pH. These sensors use fibroin silk membranes to trap enzymes and ionophores while also preventing sensor biofouling. Conversely, MEAs stimulate and measure electrical activity of cells. These technologies exhibit great performance in cell culture media, offering precision, robustness and reproducibility for integration into multi-sensor platforms.

About the speaker

Alexandre Moreno completed his Bachelor's degree in Chemistry (2013-2017) and subsequently pursued a Master's degree in Industrial Chemistry and Research (2017-2018), both at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. His research projects have included a computational study of the mechanism of methylamine formation in interstellar mediums using DFT methods, as well as the development of reversible and monitorable photoelectrochromic sensors. He is currently in the final stages of completing his doctoral thesis within the GTQ group, where his research focuses on developing technologies for monitoring biomarkers in cell cultures.