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Rapid Prototyping Laboratory

The rapid prototyping lab extends our packaging abilities and enables us to bring our work a step closer to industry. As an applied research organisation, prototypes are key to us as they facilitate and enhance the development of new devices. Our prototyping lab aims at shortening the development cycle of new devices in our projects, and it brings together design tools and manufacturing techniques that are either industry standard or easily scalable. In the jargon of the new European Framework program, Horizon 2020, our prototyping moves us forward in the TRL scale, enabling the scope of our activities to advance from basic applied research to pre-industrial stages.

We have access to various CAD/CAM software tools to aid design and fabrication. Our prototyping lab is ready to work with a range of materials either bulk, sheet or film. The lab is equipped with the following machines:

  • Roland MDX-40 (4-axis milling machine. 2D, 2.5D and 3D milling)
  • Epilog Mini 24 (30W CO2 laser engraver)
  • Roland CAMM-1 Servo Cutter Plotter
  • P.O.Weber Manual Lab PW Press (Applies up to 1000kN force)
  • EOS P100 Formiga Laser Sintering Sytem for Polyamide PA2200

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