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Micro/nano systems Laboratory (LMNS)

The Micro/nano systems Laboratory (LMNS) hosts a set of instruments for the analysis and characterization of micro/nano systems, providing support to R&D projects that require them.

Equipment available for external access

Climatic chamber equipment for temperature and humidity test.
Test chamber volume: 75 liters (44 x44x38 cm3)
Range of temperature -40 – 150 ºC
Range of humidity 15 – 98 %         

Optical microscope Nikon Optiphot
lens: x5; x10; x20; x50; x100
stage 3” x 1,5”
Observation techniques: brightfield, darkfield, Normarski DIC and interferometry         

Optical microscope Nikon SMZ1500
HR PlanApo 0,5x
with a special working distance of 136mm suitable for special assemblies

Atomic force microscope
ICON / Nanoscope V from Bruker.
Topographical and electrical measurements at room T.  

Contact person

Francesc Perez Murano