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Electronic Systems Laboratory

The Electronic Systems Prototyping Lab is operated by the Electronic/ microelectronic Engineering Service and collects the infrastructure needed for the prototyping of Electronic Systems. The main laboratory capabilities are listed below:

  • 2-Layers PCB manufacturing (Chemical)
  • 4-Layers PCB manufacturing (Milling)
  • SMD-TH Component reworking


  • Protomat S62
  • MultiPress S
  • Minicontact RS
  • IR550

Standard PCB Specifications:

  • Materials: FR4, CEM3 
  • Layers: 1-4 Layers 
  • Max. PCB Size: 22.9x32.5 cm 
  • Min. Track thickness: 0.100 mm(4 mils) 
  • Minimum track to track separation: 0.100 mm(4 mils) 
  • Minimum Hole Size (pth): 0.15 mm (6 mils) 
  • Copper Thickness: 17/35 um 

Contact person

Ricardo Martínez Martínez