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The IMB-CNM has many success stories regarding the scientific activity, the publications in high impact journals and the technology transfer resulting in new applications for the society. IMB-CNM has an excellent research base line that ensures the success of our strategic goals linked to the scientific activities. These activities are supported by the high quality of the papers published (80% Q1), the number of citations (4,276), and the high internationalisation level (65% of the papers (> 300), 73 different countries).

Here, we put every success story that makes our research and the development in micro and nanoelectronics great.

The annual review includes the total number of publications, citations, collaborations around the world, collaboration networks with state institutions, funding sources and a breakdown of current staff, where we try to locate and reflect on the gender gap. The transparency of these data seeks to achieve a better knowledge of the operation of our research center and achieve scientific excellence.

IMB-CNM is part of many of the CSIC's Interdisciplinary Thematic Platforms (PTIs), a finalist instrument of research and innovation, created to address multidisciplinary challenges of great scientific, economic, and social impact.

IMB-CNM has worked with the industry throughout the years to apply our research into society-changing technologies and, as a result, we have many success stories.

This section includes a list of the highlighted IMB-CNM scientific papers published in journals included in the Science Citation Index (SCI), per year of publication.

Highlights figures

Q1 publications
number of citations per year
internationalisation level