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Scientific Advisory Board

The board is formed by members from international high-level research centers appointed by CSIC and it supervises and advises the institute's activity.

IMB-CNM is supervised by a high-level external body appointed by CSIC: the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), consisting of professors and researchers from international research centres, universities and companies working in areas related to the R&D lines of IMB-CNM.

It was first established in 2018 and it meets periodically to be up-to-date with latest cutting-edge research of the institute.

The current members of the IMB-CNM Scientific Advisory Board are the following:

SAB - Sabino AzkárateSAB - Wolfgang DettmannSAB - Janny van den Eijnden-van Raaij

From left to right: Sabino Azcárate, Wolfang Dettmann and Janny van den Eijnden-van Raaij.

Azcárate is Deputy Director of Technology at Tekniker, a technology center in the Basque Country, with a complementary activity to the one of the IMB-CNM. He is also member of the ICTS Micronanofabs advisory committee, so that coordination between the strategic plans of the ICTS and the IMB-CNM can be guaranteed.

Dettmann works at Infineon, one of the main European microelectronics companies, coordinating participation in European projects and platforms.In particular, he is a prominent member of the EPOSSS and ECSEL platforms, which concentrate most of the research activities orientated to the industry in the field of micro / nano systems.

Janny van den Eijnden is Director of the Institute for Human Organ Technologies and Disease Modeling (hDMT). She is an expert in Organ on a Chip.

SAB - Sabeth VerpoorteSAB - Haixia ZhangSAB - Maud Vinet

From left to right: Maud Vinet, Haixia (Alice) Zhang and E.M.J (Sabeth) Verpoorte.

Sabeth Veerporte is one of the pioneers in the field of Lab-on-a-chip. She has been the director of the pharmaceutical analysis group at Gottingen University.

Responsible for the Advanced CMOS Laboratory at CEA-LETI, one of the largest microelectronics centers in Europe. She is a member of the French Nanoscience Foundation and has recently obtained a Synergy project to apply CEA-LETI technology in Quantum Computing.

Haixia Zhang is a professor in the Department of Microelectronics at Beijing University. She is an expert in the area of micro and nanotechnologies, MEMS and NEMS, with a focus on new manufacturing methods. Prof. Zhang is also the founder of the international iCAN innovation competition.

The first meeting with the board was held at the IMB-CNM on November 2019.

The second meeting with the board was held online on October 2021.

The third meeting with the board was held at the IMB-CNM premises on March 2023.