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Scientific Advisory Board

The board is formed by members from international high-level research centers appointed by CSIC and it supervises and advises the institute's activity.

IMB-CNM is supervised by a high-level external body appointed by CSIC: the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), consisting of professors and researchers from international research centres, universities and companies working in areas related to the R&D lines of IMB-CNM.

It was first established in 2018 and it meets periodically to be up-to-date with latest cutting-edge research of the institute.

The current members of the IMB-CNM Scientific Advisory Board are the following:

From left to right: Sabino Azcárate, Christian Bergaud, Wolfgang Dettmann, Janny van den Eijnden-van Raaij, Tomás Palacios, E.M.J (Sabeth) Verpoorte, Maud Vinet and Haixia Zhang.

    Sabino Azcárate - SAB 2023
    Christian Bergaud - SAB 2023
    Wolfgang Dettman - SAB 2023
    Janny van den Eijnden-van Raaij - SAB
    Tomás Palacios - SAB 2023
    E.M.J (Sabeth) Verpoorte - SAB 2023
    Maud Vinet - SAB 2023
    Haixia  Zhang - SAB 2023

Azcárate is Deputy Director of Technology at Tekniker, a technology center in the Basque Country, with a complementary activity to the one of the IMB-CNM. He is also member of the ICTS Micronanofabs advisory committee, so that coordination between the strategic plans of the ICTS and the IMB-CNM can be guaranteed.

Bergaud conducts research in the fields of mechanical and electronic engineering, focusing on functional materials and polymer technologies for flexible sensors and implantable devices. He directs the MEMS laboratory at the same center. He has led several French initiatives related to micro- and nanoelectronics, such as one of the presidencies of the National Committee for Scientific Research and the direction of the National Research Group on Micro-Nanosystems.

Dettmann works at Infineon, one of the main European microelectronics companies, coordinating participation in European projects and platforms. In particular, it is a prominent member of the European platforms EPOSSS and ECSEL, which concentrate most of the industry-oriented research activities in the field of micro/nano systems.

Den Eijnden is Director of the Institute for Human Organ Technologies and Disease Modeling (hDMT). She is an expert in Organ on a Chip.

Palacios is a professor of electrical engineering at MIT, director of the MIT Microsystems Technologies Laboratory and associate director of the new SUPeRior Energy-efficient Materials and dEvices (SUPeRior Energy-efficient Materials and dEvices, SUPREME) Center. In addition, he is a Clarence J. LeBel Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at MIT, a recognition of his innovative career, his teaching and mentoring, and his contributions to MIT. He is an international reference in wide bandgap semiconductors, 2D materials, power electronics and advanced semiconductors (such as gallium nitride).

Veerporte is one of the pioneers in the field of Lab-on-a-chip. She has been the director of the pharmaceutical analysis group at Gottingen University.

Cofounder and CEO of the start-up Quobly dedicated to quantum computation based on semiconductor technologies, member of the French Nanoscience Foundation. She led the CMOS Laboratory at CEA-LETI, one of the main institutions of microelectronics in the country.

Zhang is a professor in the Department of Microelectronics at Beijing University. She is an expert in the area of micro and nanotechnologies, MEMS and NEMS, with a focus on new manufacturing methods. Prof. Zhang is also the founder of the international iCAN innovation competition.

The first meeting with the board was held at the IMB-CNM on November 2019.

The second meeting with the board was held online on October 2021.

The third meeting with the board was held at the IMB-CNM premises on March 2023.