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Cartoon of microrobots at cell scale for biomedical applications
Robotic probes at the cell scale
José A. Plaza

The miniaturization of robotic tools and probes enables the fundamental study of mechanical properties of cells and tissues.

Science Robotics, 25 Jan 2023, Vol 8, Issue 74, DOI: 10.1126/scirobotics.adf9996

El tallo verde es una estructura compostable y en las hojas de la flor se produce la evaporación. Crédito: Carles Tortosa
A plant-like battery: a biodegradable power source ecodesigned for precision agriculture
Marina Navarro-Segarra, Carles Tortosa, Carlos Ruiz-Díez, Denis Desmaële, Teresa Gea, Raquel Barrena, Neus Sabaté and Juan Pablo Esquivel

The natural environment has always been a source of inspiration for the research community. Nature has evolved over thousands of years to create the most complex living systems, with the ability to leverage inner and outside energetic interactions in the most efficient way. This work presents a flow battery profoundly inspired by nature, which mimics the fluid transport in plants to generate electric power. The battery was ecodesigned to meet a life cycle for precision agriculture (PA) applications; from raw material selection to disposability considerations, the battery is conceived to minimize its environmental impact while meeting PA power requirements.

Energy & Environmental Science, 2022, Issue 7, DOI:10.1039/D2EE00597B

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