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IMB-CNM Thesis Defense: Wearable Platform for Real-Time Monitoring of Biomarkers in Sweat


23 febr. 2024
Sala d'Actes Pepe Millán, IMB-CNM

IMB-CNM PhD Thesis Defense: Wearable Platform for Real-Time Monitoring of Biomarkers in Sweat

By Meritxell Rovira, predoctoral researcher at the Group of Chemical Transducers (IMB-CNM).


  • Dr. Cecilia Jiménez Jorquera (IMB-CNM)
  • Dr. César Fernández Sánchez (IMB-CNM)

PhD Committee:

  • Dr. Julián Alonso
  • Dr. Núria Serrano
  • Dr. Álex Fragoso

University: Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona


Wearable sensors for sweat analysis have garnered significant attention over the past decade, driven by athletes' pursuit of peak performance while minimizing injury risks throughout a demanding seasons. In this context, this thesis focuses on the development of a flexible wearable platform for continuous monitoring of various sweat biomarkers. It involves the development and comprehensive characterization of ISFETs for pH, sodium, potassium, chloride and cortisol sensing. The integration of ISFETs along with a solid-state reference electrode, a temperature sensor and capillary-driven fluidic components into a small flexible platform is assessed. Different fluidic architectures are explored to enable real-time, low-flow-rate sample monitoring. Finally, the wearable sensing prototype is evaluated on-body in clinical studies carried out with subjects performing high-intensity cycling sessions. Some trends in the biomarkers are elucidated that can be correlated with the athlete’s conditions and that evidence the practical application of the presented platform for on-body monitoring of biomarkers.